Who We Are

225 plus Cibolo Residents

From various neighborhoods:

  • Falcon Ridge
  • Bentwood Ranch
  • Deer Creek
  • Cibolo Valley Ranch
  • Buffalo Crossing
  • Traditional Cibolo
  • Others not yet verified

Representing Multiple City of Cibolo Voting Districts

Our Current Objective

To prevent any enterprise that threatens the health, safety, welfare, or morals of our neighborhoods from building across the street from Wiederstein Elementary School.

The Current Threat

Walmart poses such a threat because it is a mathematical fact that it will attract to the center of our neighborhoods more:

  • Traffic (as a regional shopping center from Converse to Marion and I-10 to I-35)
  • Pollution (more cars, more often, for longer periods of time)
  • Noise (from more traffic, all night traffic, car alarms, remote car and trunk locks, energy and refrigeration systems to run the store)
  • Crime (shoplifters, car thieves, car burglars, assaults, robberies)
  • Underage drinking (due to availability of alcohol in close proximity to a high school, junior high school & middle school – fake ID sales and theft)
  • Rodents (from the huge volume of perishable food garbage)
  • Stench (from the huge volume of perishable food garbage)
Our Policy & Positions

There are no conditions that make it acceptable for Walmart to build a store across from Wiederstein Elementary School and in the center of our residential communities.

  • Because the threats to our health, safety, and welfare it brings to that site are unmitigatable

We would like Walmart to locate in Cibolo but not at the Wiederstein location

  • If Walmart cannot find another acceptable location in Cibolo to build, we prefer that it build in another city rather than at Wiederstein Elementary.

It is irrelevant whether Walmart, the mayor, or city council want Walmart to build at the Wiederstein location.

  • If Walmart does not move of its own volition, we will take it to court and a judge will decide if it can build (a minimum 50-50 chance of victory for us!)

We do not destroy the Neighborhoods of Cibolo to profit the City of Cibolo.

What We’ve Done So Far

Conducted successful telephone and email campaign to get copy of Cibolo’s single member voting district map for Nov 2013 election 3 weeks in advance of planned release (11-12 July 2013)

Presented 4 Recall Petitions with over 200 signatures each of 150 required to the City Secretary (19 July 2013)

  • Petitions council to issue a recall election order to place council members whose terms end in Nov 2014 on the Nov 2013 ballot
  • Petitions compel council to issue a recall election order to place council members whose terms end in Nov 2014 on the Nov 2013 ballot
  • Result: all 7 council positions & mayor position open in Nov 2013

Collected 222 signatures of 150 required to compel the council to pass alcohol & firearms ordinances or put them on the November 2013 ballot (as of 6 Aug)

  • Ordinances prohibit sale of both within 300 ft of church or school
  • Will present to City Secretary after being notarized
What We Will Do Next!

Each household opposing Walmart at Wiederstein will pledge $100 to a Cibolo legal defense fund

  • That’s $100 per household - not per person
  • 200 household pledges will give us $20,000 to hire an attorney and the moral authority to request national financial support
  • $100 will come and go, but Walmart at Wiederstein will last forever!

Attend city council meetings to monitor whether council members comply with our petition demands

  • This way we can vote them in or out of office in November based on what they do - not what they say!
What You Can Do Now!

Register to Vote Immediately

Make a 100% effort to sign all petitions yourself

  • Our petitions are written to compel City Council action by law – they do not just express our opinions

Neither Walmart nor the City Council will decide whether Walmart can build at Wiederstein

  • A judge will decide in a court of law
  • Our goal is to get to court where we have at least a 50-50 chance of victory!
  • Regardless of what mayor, city council, or Walmart says

The success of our plan depends completely on the focused, coordinated, and deliberate action of every member of this group

  • In this way, your one signature has already become 200, your one email has become 200, your household pledge of $100 has become $10,000
  • As we expand our group to 1000 members our individual voices are further magnified in legislative petitions, in elections, and in court


  • Because our Unified Action Plan does not require input or approval from the City Council, Walmart, or our HOAs
  • It is rooted in the the law, and
  • It only requires our own focused, coordinated, and deliberate ACTION!